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Donate the value of your discarded IT to a charity!

Colaborate in educating, integrating and inspiring young people who are socially excluded and intellectually and developmentally challenged.

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Did you know that the IT hardware you no longer use still has a value?

IT DONACIONES is an initiative by Partsurfer, through which we want to contribute to the development of young people, all over the world, who are socially excluded and intellectually and developmentally challenged. We are convinced that education, inspiration and integration have a significant impact on the emotional, cognitive and physical development of young people. They are the future!


Why donate the value of your discared IT?


5 Create a CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY plan for your company.

5 Receive a DONATION CERTIFICATE from your chosen charity and take advantage of the fiscal benefits.

5 We will provide a CERTIFICATE confirming the data has been deleted from your IT hardware.

5 Give your IT hardware a new lease of life and form part of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

5 Be part of the change in the development of young people. THEY ARE THE FUTURE!


How it works?


We carry out an analysis and collect the IT hardware you no longer use.

We give a valuation of the equipment and this sum will be the amount you donate to the charity.

We recondition and sell the IT hardware collected, giving it a new lease of life.

Children, young people and families form part of the Education, Inspiration and Integration projects.

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Types of IT hardware



Charities you can support



Aura Fundació life and employment with support since 1989. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life for people who are intellectually challenged, through social inclusion and inclusion in the labour market.



Best Buddies fights for social integration for intellectually challenged people, providing them with opportunities to establish friendships, as equals, with members of the community.



Active Africa´s objective is to contribute to the socio-economic and sustainable development of the poorest rural populations in Malawi and Kenya, by supporting their educational and sanitary systems.


it donaciones

Mary’s Meals is a simple solution to hunger. They provide a nutritious meal each day, in an educational centre, for children in situations of chronic poverty to encourage them to go to class, eat well and so have enough energy to study, and by receiving an education so improve their prospects for the future. Volunteers from the local community prepare the food, which is purchased from local producers. Mary’s Meals helps the social and economic development of the local economy.

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Contact us!

itdonaciones@partsurfer.es | +34 93 231 29 11

Instagram Logo @itdonaciones

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